Extra Work-Change Order

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Extra Work – Change Order

If extra work is ever done on a project, whether you choose to do the extra work, or the homeowner requests for the work to be done, please tell Adam immediately.

From this day forward, If you do tell Adam of the extra work before the work is done, you cannot add the extra work to your invoice. The reason for this is too many times in the past, I have been told of the extra work, after I have already invoiced the customer for the job. By that time, it’s too late to charge the customer, yet I have to pay the installer for the extra work and pay for the materials.

The process for a change order – extra work:

  1. Before the work is performed, tell Adam. It can just be a quick text of what extra work is being done, or asking if it should be done.
  2. Immediately after doing the extra work, text or email Adam what was put into the extra work: hours, materials, footage.